Sai brother Satish again has been called by Sai Baba to His Home. Every time he visits Shirdi, he makes it a point to take prayers to Shirdi. Yesterday i received his mail with subject "HURRAY.....SAI CALLING ME AGAIN...". This clearly shows how much excitment fills his heart when it comes to go to Shirdi. I am forwarding his mail as received (ignoring few personal notes)

You would be jealous to know that i am going to Shirdi on August 6th. I am glad that Sai Baba is calling me again.

You never know when you get a call from Shirdi. I feel i am really blessed to see my Sai once in every two months.

Baba came into my friend's dream on last Thursday and he called me and asked me to join. I just booked my tickets. It just happened and it was not at all planned.

Hetal Sis: Please ask all Sai devotees to send me the prayers. I would be leaving to Shirdi on August 6th (Thursday) and i will return on August 9th (Sunday).

Please ask Sai devotees to send in the prayers to me by August 2nd on this mail id :


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